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Bass, Vocals

Steve has been passionate about music ever since seeing The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show when he was 7 years old. At 10, he sneaked into a teen dance and was awestruck by the raw power and energy of live rock and roll music, vowing "I'm going to do that myself some day!" A self-taught musician, at 14 he bought his first bass guitar without having an inkling as to how to play it, but he would rush home from school everyday, put a stack of records on the old turntable, and spend countless hours learning to play the bass parts note for note. He credits such notable bassists as Jack Bruce (Cream), Michael Rutherford (Genesis), and Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash) for teaching him everything he knows. Steve joined his first band at 17 and has been a mainstay on the Boston music scene ever since. When not holding down the bottom for Joppa Flatts, Steve loves working in his gardens, and is a history buff and expert on World War Two.